Our Mission

Our mission is to…

 “Educate our students with knowledge, Empower our students with character and Equip our students for life.”

Desert View Middle & High School is a tuition-free public charter school, for 6th-12th grade students. The highly successful blended learning model combines a personalized curriculum with state-of-the-art technology and high levels of support to give students an advantage and a voice as they prepare for college, career and beyond.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we believe students shouldn’t be constrained by the traditional classroom or school day. DVMHS’s blended learning model (digital curriculum plus high quality, personalized instruction) gives every student an opportunity to create an education plan that fits his or her life – and our graduation rates clearly show that our model works.

Desert View Middle & High School tailors a high-quality education to a broad spectrum of students from all backgrounds and all abilities. While we recognize that the DVMHS model is not for everyone, many students and their parents find Desert View Middle & High School is their best education solution.

  • DVMHS meets each student at their current level and then builds competency and confidence through high standards, hard work and encouragement.
  • Our students master material prior to moving on to the next level. Hence, they learn at a pace that’s specific to them, not the pace of an entire classroom.
  • The DVMHS education model challenges students to achieve by giving them the freedom to exceed expectations and gain confidence, while taking control in their lives.
  • Desert View Middle & High School provides an accelerated pace of study and more challenge to students who value the opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school.
  • Students who enjoy using new technology thrive in the blended learning model that highlights digital learning as major part of the curriculum.
  • Our students are not limited to a single grade level, but are advanced content and grade levels as they successfully master each subject.
  • DVMHS is a small, safe and overall great fit for home-schooled students ready for middle or high school.
  • DVMHS’s curriculum blends classroom instruction with digital coursework allowing for flexible scheduling. Simply put, it fits today’s busier schedules.
  • Some students learn best in a smaller school where one-to-one attention is available to each and every student.
  • Desert View Middle & High School high school students are provided with an opportunity to take an “end-of-course” exam, for high school credit, which allows them to move on to material that they have not yet mastered.
  • College credits can be earned while in high school by taking dual-credit courses at local community colleges. Students are responsible for any and all costs associated with college courses.

To learn more about what a DVMHS education could mean to you, email or contact Desert View Middle & High School  at 928-317-3113.