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Information about after-school committees and tutoring can be found under 'Student Activities'
REMINDER: Students are NOT allowed to have any medication with them including cough drops. Parents/Guardians may come in to the office and fill up a 'Medical Release Form' which gives us permission to administer medication to a child. Medication is kept in the office. Prescription medication must be brought to school by the parent/legal guardian. Over-the-counter medication must be unopened. Any medication left after the last day of school year has ended will be disposed of properly. 

Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                                      

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce myself, Tamy Durham, as the newly appointed principal of Desert View Middle School. It is truly an honor to serve a school community with engaged, positive and supportive students, staff and families.  I fully believe that a great education is the result of schools and families working together for the common purpose of seeing our children succeed.

I am a born Yuman and a proud Yuma High Criminal! I earned a Bachelors in Education through NAU and a Masters in Education Administration from Grand Canyon University. I have taught in the Yuma Community for over twenty years and have nine years experience as a school administrator and educational leader. My two boys, now 24 and 21, have attended Yuma schools and have become thriving, successful young men that I am quite proud of.  Through the past two years as the Assistant Principal at Desert View Academy, I have witnessed first hand the impact character education has on a child. Mrs. Hackmann will be returning to DVMS as Assistant Principal!  Together, we plan to build on the amazing things already happening at DVMS, while also prioritizing integrity, grit and character education through the crucial pre adolescent years. 

We will continue to educate our students with knowledge, empower our students with character and equip them for life.  In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”  Please feel free to contact me if there is any way I can support you, or to just say hello! I look forward to working together with you and the amazing staff at DVMS!              

Tamy Durham

Desert View Middle School Principal


Ms. Sevanna - STEM                               Ms. Curiel - Social Studies                            Ms. Rankin - Resource                             
6th grade: stem6dvms                             6th grade: 6thgfef33                                       Code: cab933
7th grade: stem7dvms                             7th grade: 7aekde72
8th grade: stem8dvms                             8th grade: 8thgold3                                              

Mr. Warren - P.E                                     Ms. Moran - Career Exploration 
6th grade: warrenDVM6                         6th grade: moran6th 
7th grade: warrenDVM7                         7th grade: moran7th
8th grade: warrenDVM8                         8th grade: moran8th                                              

Mrs. Brookhart - ELA                             Mrs. Stogner - ELA                             
6th grade: brookharte                           7th grade: elastog7
7th grade:  8dbfd4                                  8th grade: elastog8
Homeroom: k2k7b6                               Homeroom: hrstog6b

Ms. Moda - Science                                Ms. Gresser - Science 
6th grade: hekg7d                                   7th grade: d8defa
7th grade: gd7g2f                                    8th grade: d8defa
Homeroom: gbc24d4                             Homeroom: dkk33c

Ms. Zarate - Math                                   Mr. De Jesus - Math
6th grade: zarates6                                 7th grade: 72and73
7th grade: zarate7m                               8th grade: dejesus8th
Homeroom: zarate7h                             Homeroom: dejesus7a